Magento Preview Version CE - nun verfügbar!

Magento veröffentlicht Community Preview Version CE mit einer ganzen Reihe von neuen Verbesserungen und Features.

Anbei ein Auszug aus der Featureliste (in Englisch):

  • Different base prices for customer groups
  • Automatic generation of multiple coupon codes for a single promotion
  • Backup and Rollback functionality
  • CAPTCHA functionality to reduce spam registrations
  • First version of REST APIs with support for:

    • -Creation, retrieval, update and deletion operations for simple products
    • -Retrieval of a list of orders as well as specific order information
    • -Update and retrieval operations for catalog inventory
    • -Creation, retrieval, update and deletion operations with complete customer information and customer address information
    • -More information on the REST APIs will be published soon
  • Updates and enhancements to the existing SOAP and XML-RPC APIs with introduction of new API calls
  • VAT ID validation for B2B sales in Europe
  • New price range layered navigation algorithm
  • HTML5 based theme for mobile devices

And that’s just the beginning. Check out our full list of features and fixed issues on our release notes page.